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Unified Data System (UDS) Mapper

It is essential that health center organizations and partners have access to tools and data that can assist in evaluating the geographic reach, penetration, and growth of the Section 330-funded Health Center Programs. The UDS Mapper is designed to help inform users about the current geographic extent of U.S. Federally (Section 330) funded Health Center Program (HCP) Grantees, and was largely designed upon algorithms and reporting methods developed by John Snow, Inc. for BPHC-requested service area analyses.

Tutorials and webinars are free and available to the public. It is highly recommended that new users utilize these resources to orient themselves to the tool.

Resources to assist health centers in collecting and submitting their data.

Statewide Health Center Data 2018

Nevada's Health Center Program Grantee Profiles

Targeted Users

  • HRSA project officers

  • Primary Care Associations and State Primary Care Offices

  • Health Center Program Grantees and FQHC Look-alikes

  • Prospective Health Center Program Grantees and FQHC Look-Alikes

  • Other policymakers and planners (state and local)

  • Staff from other types of health centers


NVPCA is able to provide in-depth training and technical assistance on using UDS Mapper to advance health center strategic planning. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that new users make use of the tutorial and webinar resources offered. Create an account and access UDS Mapper here.

Image by Max Böttinger
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