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Thank you to everyone who took part in making this advocacy event a success!

We brought the Community Health Movement directly to our beautiful state capitol and illuminated the Nevada State Legislature with the value that health centers bring to our state.
Thank you to everybody for sharing your stories, experiences, knowledge, and time! 

Community Health Provider Day 23 was a triumph thanks to the amazing work everybody put into our day at the Legislature. We met with nearly two dozen lawmakers as we brought the Community Health movement to Nevada’s state Capitol. The confidence and passion with which you all delivered your unique messages has filled us with pride. Our elected officials heard of the amazing and life-changing work that Nevada’s Community Health Centers do every day in their respective communities, and they were made aware of the utter importance of the 340B Drug Pricing Program. The feedback we heard from lawmakers was consistently positive and supportive of our mission. This is the first time the Legislature has been open to the public in four years, and we were the first group to hold a public event. Thanks to hard work and preparation, Community Health Provider Day 2023 went off without a hitch. We will see you at the 83rd session of the Nevada Legislature in 2025!

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