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State and federal policies that influence and affect Community Health Centers, community health providers and the patients they serve are closely tracked by the Nevada Primary Care Association. In order to expand access to primary and preventive health care in high need areas and to safeguard the longstanding success of health centers in Nevada, NVPCA provides education and outreach to community leaders and policymakers on the impact of health care policy to its members and their patients, and how health centers can provide assistance and solutions.


For assistance please contact Steve Messinger.


Policy Matters


Would you like to join the Health Center Advocacy Network.  By signing up to be an advocate, you will receive: 

periodic updates on legislation, state and federal budgets; email notices and invitations to webinars on advocacy, empowerment, and healthcare-related issues; occasional alerts to notify you of state and federal issues that impact health care and the need for your advocacy; and resources to help you educate your colleagues and patients on vital health care issues.

Health Center Advocacy Sign Up
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