Our conference was safe and successful. From our powerful key note speaker, Gloria Wilder, to our Health Care Policy Update with DuAne Young, Steve Messinger, and Lea Case. The second day also had the all too important cultural competency, with our own Reema Naik, plus UNR's Nicholas Dunkle, and Jay Cafferata. We finished up with the NVPCA Member showcase and Awards ceremony. Plus a lot of inspirational, insightful, and mind blowing content and info from all of our speakers and sponsors! Scroll down to put your eyes on the pics!

Health Equity allows each person the chance to reach their full health potential without facing obstacles from socially determined circumstances. Health equity allows for fair access to health care professionals, healthy food, a safe living environment, and the ability to be well across all aspects of life, from work to home life, to medical care. 

America’s Community Health Centers (CHCs) owe their existence to the Civil Rights Movement and to the many determined community health and civil rights activists who started the first CHCs more than 50 years ago (June 1965). Their goal was to improve the lives of Americans living in deep poverty and make health care accessible to all.

Today many of the patients who seek care at Nevada’s CHCs have faced significant barriers to access care. CHCs are committed to advancing health equity for their patients and believe people who experience the greatest disparities deserve the same level of access to mainstream health care services. CHCs also focus on implementing services and support systems with the goal of promoting healthy, happy living.

We look forward to reconnecting with Nevada's Community Health Centers' leadership and staff together with other key state organizations' leadership to advance our efforts as we work together toward Health Equity in Nevada.

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