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Social Determinants of Health Roundtable

May 24, 2022

Tuesday 10:00am - 11:30am PST

This Round Table is only for FQHCs and Tribal Health Centers

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) help with identifying underlying causes to why patients are unable to access or receive health care services they need, also known as their health inequity. To achieve health equity, health centers must account for and integrate patients' SDOH and address those underlying causes.

Join us and hear from Community Health Alliance, Hope Christian Health Center, and one another on best practices to integrate SDOH data into patient care. This is an excellent opportunity to come together to network, collaborate, and create meaningful connections while listening and learning from colleagues.

We will explore conversations on addressing SDOH needs for patients with multiple chronic conditions from Community Health Alliance's Center for Complex Care program and hear from Hope Christian Health Center on their development and programming of their clinic specializing in caring for people experiencing homelessness and for those who need respite services. In addition, we will hear from you on how your health center is approaching SDOH integration.


  • Incorporate SDOH data to improve clinical quality and performance for patients with chronic conditions

  • Identify at least one way that SDOH integration improves equitable delivery of care for vulnerable populations

  • Identify at least one actionable item to integrate SDOH data into patient care within one's health center

  • Identify at least one way to create partnerships with community-based organizations/services

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