Primary Care Associations (PCAs) are state or regional nonprofit organizations that provide training and technical assistance (T/TA) to safety-net providers. This T/TA is based on statewide and regional needs to help health centers improve programmatic, clinical, and financial performance and operations. PCAs can help health centers and look-alikes plan for the growth of health centers in their state, as well as develop strategies to recruit and retain staff. 

The Nevada Primary Care Association (PCA) is a non-profit membership association comprised of health centers and other safety net providers in Nevada.  Established in 1995, Nevada PCA’s mission is “to advocate for, broaden and strengthen the health center network.”  The Nevada PCA fulfills its mission by providing technical assistance and training to our members.

Our members provide comprehensive, one-stop primary health care.  Members focus on prevention and chronic disease management designed to ensure effectiveness of medical care.

Support for Nevada PCA comes from its membership, the federal government and other grants and contracts.
Membership Benefits  

Nevada PCA offers its members opportunities to network and work cooperatively with other agencies and associations to develop strategies, policies and programs that lead to the efficient and effective delivery of primary health care to the underserved.
The association provides technical assistance and training to its members in several areas, including advocacy/policy, workforce, quality and performance improvement, health center development and expansion, and marketing.
Nevada PCA also undertakes special projects with an emphasis on creating opportunities for growth and developing solutions to address its members’ challenges.
  • Advocacy/Policy: Grassroots advocacy network, State and federal policy and legislative efforts
  • Data Analysis and Mapping
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home Consultation
  • Quality/Performance Improvement: UDS and clinical content standardization and training, Meaningful use, FTCA and HRSA quality requirements, Oral and behavioral health, Pharmacy and 340B
  • Workforce: Workforce development
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Marketing & Fundraising: Communications, PCA marketing, Health Center Marketing
  • Health Center Development & Expansion: Planning, Site and Services, New start support
  • Training and Technical Assistance: Advocacy, Quality and performance improvement, Marketing and fundraising, Health Center development and expansion, Recruitment/Workforce development
Apply for membership

Membership benefits and services available through NVPCA include training and technical assistance, public policy and advocacy, performance improvement programs, information technology, and organizational development initiatives. The Nevada Primary Care Association offer membership at five levels: Organizational, Associate, Corporate, Champion and Student, which are listed in detail further below.

  1. Fill out the Membership Application and submit the appropriate document(s), dues and mail or email to:
    Nevada Primary Care Association
    Membership Committee
    755 N. Roop Street, Suite 211
    Carson City, NV 8970
  2. The NVPCA Membership Committee will review your application and accompanying document. The committee may contact your organization or you with follow up questions to the application.
  3. At the next NVPCA Board of Directors meeting, the Membership Committee chair or designee will present your membership application for Board review and vote.
  4. NVPCA will contact your organization to let you know if your application was approved or denied.
Download Membership Application

If you are employed at an organization/association that is already a NVPCA member, then you are a member as well. 
Click here to begin the process of getting your NVPCA Member Portal Login Credentials.
  • Organizational membership of the Nevada Primary Association is a voting membership category reserved for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), which can be Community Health Centers, Tribal Health Centers, Migrant Health Centers, and Health Care for the Homeless Programs and Health Services for Residents of Public Housing Programs which serve Nevadans, among others and FQHC Look-Alikes. Organizational members are represented on the NVPCA Board of Directors.
  • Associate membership is a voting membership comprised of any health care agency or organization that are providers of primary health care who do not meet the above criteria to become organizational members; or Other organizations that demonstrate a commitment to the mission of NVPCA through programs or activities that support the provision of comprehensive primary health care services to underserved populations regardless of the patient’s ability to pay (e.g., on a sliding fee scale).
  • Corporate membership is comprised of nonprofit or profit organizations whose core mission is to provide primary health care services to residents of Nevada with a emphasis on providing access to primary care in underserved areas. Corporate members do not participate on the Board of Directors, hold office or vote on Association business. This is a non-voting membership.
  • Champion members (Individuals) of the Nevada Primary Care Association are individuals interested in advocating and supporting NVPCA’s goals to improve healthcare for Nevada’s underserved populations. This is a non-voting membership.
  • Student membership is available to students who are currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program of higher learning and supports NVPCA’s goals. This is a non-voting membership.