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The week of February 15th, 2021, NVPCA representatives and FQHC Leadership will be holding virtual meetings with Nevada's Legislators. Our legislative advocacy day requires a lot of work in a normal year, and this year proves to be more so.
It is imperative to remember that, despite the lack of revenue for this coming budget,
there are $1.4M in FQHC grants proposed in the Governor’s budget.
Also policy gains that are not out of reach, for example, audio-only telehealth
and Medicaid reimbursement for Community Health Workers.
The biggest reason we do this is to share widely the health center mission
and to make lawmakers aware of the resources you provide for their constituents.

WHAT: Community Health Provider Week
WHEN: February 15 - 19, 2021
WHERE: Virtual
WHO: Virtual meetings with Legislators throughout the week with select FQHC Leaders and NVPCA representatives
WHAT: NV FQHC social media campaign 
WHEN: Same week
WHO: Everyone who values CHCs

Since we can’t gather as a large group in beautiful Carson City, we are asking you all to join in our Community Health Provider Week social media campaign. With the help of everyone in Nevada who values CHCs, we are hoping to take FQHC awareness, and the #valueCHCs bring to the communities of Nevada. We intend to make a sizeable impression on the #NVLEG Twittersphere, and to a lesser extent, Facebookland, and the fields of Instagram.

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You can help amplify the positive impact Nevada’s Community Health Centers have on our communities. During Community Health Provider Week (February 15 – February 19) we would like to blast the NV Leg hashtag with the passionate goodness of everything our amazing Community Health Centers do for Nevadans across this great State!


Please share/post about anything that Nevada’s CHCs are doing to impact their communities. Examples would be Northern Nevada’s Hope Springs, Community Health Alliance’s food pantry, or Nevada Health Centers’ Mammovan are great subjects. Outreach events like Hope Christian Health Center’s upcoming Resource fair with flu shots and free meals is another perfect example. Vaccination efforts, behavioral health, SUD . . . basically anything a Community Health Center does. Using the proper hashtags is essential for this campaign. Please tag each post with the following hashtags:


We have also created some social media graphics to make it especially easy for you to add your voice to Nevada’s Community Health Movement. There are graphics with general CHC facts, as well as blank graphics which you can personalize. There is also an “I Value My CHC because” selfie sign that you or a group can fill in and utilize for some fun pics. Also included is our Community Health Provider Week Logo for your use as well. Thank you so much for helping to signal boost the compassion, innovation, dedication, and quality care that Community Health Centers provide to Nevadans!

The materials are available to download at the links below
and you can also scroll down and check out previews of the materials.

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Blank Graphics
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Selfie Sign and Logo
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